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Stiff Kittens (UK) the last band ever to play at Old Wembley Stadium
Covering ‘Strength’ by The ALaRM

Jethro (Alonestar) Sheran friend of the founders of Sound Angels Collective
‘Raise Em Up’ Featuring Ed’ Sheeran.

Tenth Electric Filmed their Video at Glastonbury's Worthy Farm

‘Brighter’ (Glasto Mix) see other versions to they Rock!

Damn Fairies Dave of Dilated / Inkubus Sukkubus /

The Shining Lies ‘Netflix & Heroin’ that’s just the world that we live in Maybe?

Sara Vian Gracefully wrote this about the Current Pandemic
Anthem for Sound Angels Collective aka ‘The Great Pause’ (Awakening Mix)


Sara Vian

Azhaar Saffar

Tim Clayton 

Amanda Roche

Beyond The Mountain

I, The Lion

Damn Faries

Tenth Electric

Sugar Jesus

Jethro Sheran

The Divine Secret

Murdoc {Nuk Chorris ATeam} 

Scarlet Rebels (V0iD)

Stiff Kittens (UK)

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