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The Artists & Songs On This Clip are Described Below Along With Links to Additional Video / Socials / Websites, ENJOY

Taking our sideways look at some of the Artists we've worked with over the years and would like to help next: 


Stiff Kittens (UK) the last band ever to play at Old Wembley Stadium
Covering ‘Strength’ by The ALaRM

This song is a Cry for Help, but with the Expectation of Answers, those prayers were answered for the original writer Mike Peters MBE who met the Love of his life just a year after writing this
As for the band covering this anthemic song they came very close to some big deals being considered by SONY & Atlantic before going proceeding Independently, their music is still played somewhere in the world; TV / Film / Radio every single day. If only we could more easily collect all the Royalties due, but as we know The Music Industry is Broken but Sound Angels Music exists to help redress these imbalances eventually.

Jethro (Alonestar) Sheeran friend of the founders of Sound Angels Collective
‘Raise Em Up’ Featuring Ed’ Sheeran.

Jethro along with his even more famous cousin Ed' collaborated on this sone a few years ago when we were able to get it included in a Movie Film Trailer for Vertigo Films UK, it's been remixed just recently to reflect life in lockdown and overcoming adversity with positivity, it's our kind of tune.

Tenth Electric Filmed their Video at Glastonbury's Worthy Farm

‘Brighter’ (Glasto Mix) see other versions to they Rock!

Tenth Electric 'Brighter' was the first song that Sound Angels Music adopted as our 'Soft Launch Anthem' it speaks of the little things in life being as important as the big like being at Glastonbury and noticing the light as it shines on the one you love, the lead singer has just become a dad so there's another little thing which delivers big joy, another adventure arrives.

Damn Fairies Dave of Dilated / Inkubus Sukkubus /

The Shining Lies ‘Netflix & Heroin’ that’s just the world that we live in Maybe?

Musician & Producer Davis Saunders writes Dark Cynical Material, he describes what he does as "Stealing people's flowers and paining them Brown", so what is this song doing here? Well it sometimes takes obvious things to be pointed out to us before we take action and actually make things better 'Netflx & Heroin' is such a song waking us up from our coma of always turning to what's easily available or what avoids pain quickest, rather than working on things.

Sara Vian Gracefully wrote this about the Current Pandemic
Anthem for Sound Angels Collective aka ‘The Great Pause’ (Awakening Mix)

Sara, has survived some of the things that our previous song references and is currently surviving the 'Crisis', by focusing on what she can do to help others with the Gift of Musicality she has been richly blessed with, 'The Great Pause' offers us all the opportunity to reevaluate our lives by asking the question: just what can I offer the world; and how can I help rebuild things in a way that's more #Econothropic, i.e. Viable / Sustainable / Charitable.


Sara Vian

Azhaar Saffar

Tim Clayton 

Amanda Roche

Beyond The Mountain

I, The Lion

Damn Fairies

Tenth Electric

Sugar Jesus

Jethro Sheeran

The Divine Secret

Murdoc {Nuk Chorris ATeam} 

Scarlet Rebels [V0iD]

Stiff Kittens (UK)

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